Unleash the Power of Your Healthcare Data

Universal Patient Key’s powerful HIPAA-compliant software lets you combine and analyze data from multiple sources without compromising patient confidentiality

Healthcare Data Challenge

Healthcare providers and analytics companies struggle to strike a balance between ensuring patient privacy and the potential for improving healthcare cost, quality, and access using real world evidence

The Universal Patient Key (UPK) Solution

Using UPK software and services, healthcare stakeholders can secure and aggregate transaction data within and across multiple organizations without putting the protected health information (PHI) at risk


Secure Patient Privacy and Reduce Risk

UPK’s HIPAA-certified software de-identifies both structured and unstructured (text) data using site-specific, encrypted tokens to reduce the risk of unauthorized access and patient re-identification

Create Longitudinal Patient Records

The UPK solution allows you to create a longitudinal view of an episode-of-care by linking patient records from consistently encrypted UPK tokens across multiple healthcare data sources

HIPAA certified

Certified Compliant

UPK’s structured data de-identification and linking software is certified to be compliant with all HIPAA regulations, using Safe Harbor or statistical de-identification methodologies.

Our HIPAA compliance certification is always available upon request.

If you would like a copy of our certification, please send a request to our Compliance Officer at compliance@universalpatientkey.com

Secure your healthcare data AND deliver more insight

  • UPK’s technology offers the most secure de-identification solutions available, for structured data AND for unstructured data (like the text in physician notes)

  • Secures data in case of a breach, internally or externally, and protects employees and business associates (BAs) from unauthorized PHI disclosure

  • Our de-identification process is HIPAA certified using the statistical method; therefore, we leave more data for you to use in your analysis

  • Allows you to merge internal and external data in a HIPAA-compliant manner, allowing deeper insight of your real world evidence

Benefits of the UPK approach

Risk mitigation via independent, 3rd party, HIPAA-certified solution used industry wide
Rapid deployment and implementation with high-touch customer service
Industry’s most cost-effective solution
You don’t send us your data, and we don’t need access to your system. Our software is self-contained and installed by you with our help
Works on any healthcare data set, with any encryption engine, to facilitate building and securing a comprehensive Big Data asset

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