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The real-time visualization of data from multiple sources is finally a reality. Getting started is easy. Your annual license includes installation, training, and ongoing support to make sure you get the clarity you need.

Our turnkey solution is the most cost-effective on the market and it has been designed specifically with the flexibility required to meet the needs of organizations across the healthcare continuum.

UPK’s suite of compliance and data aggregation solutions


HIPAA certified

Certified Compliant

UPK’s structured data de-identification and linking software is certified to be compliant with all HIPAA regulations, using Safe Harbor or statistical de-identification methodologies.

Our HIPAA compliance certification is always available upon request.

If you would like a copy of our certification, please send a request to our Compliance Officer at

Why clients trust UPK



Implemented and used by nearly 20 data sources and data analytics companies


Deployed in over 80% of all healthcare claims (non-Rx) transactions


Implemented in multiple Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)


We do NOT compete with our data management customers – we are not a data aggregator


We do NOT compete with our analytics customers – we are your partners


Adoption of UPK’s solutions is growing fast – Join Us!

Several billion healthcare records are processed by UPK software every year

UPK uses patent-pending, proprietary IP to create a robust solution set

Statistical HIPAA certification preserves more data during de-identification

Only automated system for de-identification of unstructured data

Bridge internal and external data sets without releasing PHI to outsiders

Built For








Business Associates


Analytics Firms


Data Aggregators


Pharmaceutical Companies


Medical Device Manufactuers


Clinicians and facilities providing direct patient care. UPK offers healthcare providers the greatest degree of HIPAA compliance when managing their healthcare data beyond direct patient care. The UPK software protects against regulatory violations by employees or Business Associates who do not have a legitimate need to access to PHI.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturers, Data Aggregators and Analytics Firms

Firms that analyze healthcare transaction data but are not equipped to manage the responsibility required of a HIPAA entity or a Business Associate. UPK offers the broader healthcare ecosystem the ability to discover greater insights from healthcare transaction data aggregated from multiple sources in a HIPAA compliant manner.

Healthcare Service Providers

HIPAA covered entities or their Business Associates who support healthcare delivery. UPK offers healthcare service providers the safest way to merge, share, or sell healthcare data to multiple organizations while maintaining the highest degree of HIPPA compliance.

Healthcare Payers

Organizations that pay for healthcare services. UPK offers healthcare payers the simplest way to merge and analyze healthcare data while achieving the highest degree of HIPAA compliance.

Non-Profit or Academic Researchers

Organizations that conduct research using patient or healthcare transaction data to address questions of policy, to advance understanding of health service delivery or patient outcomes. UPK offers a simple and affordable means of aggregating de-identified healthcare transaction data from disparate sources in a manner that is HIPAA-compliant, addresses IRB requirements and meets rigorous scientific standards.

Affordable and flexible, costs are based on your organization’s size, needs, and data architecture