UPK Core

The simplest, safest, and most cost-effective way to de-identify structured data

Key Features


Secures your data against regulatory violations by employees or Business Associates


Secures against protected health information (PHI) exposure in the event of a security breach


HIPAA certified using statistical method to retain more data

How it works


UPK CORE’s patent-pending technology replaces PHI with site-specific, encrypted tokens

HIPAA certified

Certified Compliant

UPK Core de-identification software is certified to be compliant with all HIPAA regulations, using Safe Harbor or statistical de-identification methodologies.

Our HIPAA compliance certification is always available upon request.

If you would like a copy of our certification, please send a request to our Compliance Officer at compliance@universalpatientkey.com

Case Study

A leading healthcare data analytics provider, focused on helping hospitals reduce total cost of care, improve quality, and provide better outcomes, uses UPK to build a database of over 90 million longitudinal patient records (growing at 1M per month).

The company collects Electronic Medical Records (EMR) from over 14,000 disparate data sources (using 20+ data templates). The company processes several million records per month and delivers real-time clinical, operating, and financial benchmarks to several hundred medical centers, providers, and decision makers in a completely patient de-identified HIPAA-compliant manner using the UPK Core Engine.

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