UPK Death Index

The only HIPAA-compliant solution to continuously update or remove patients from your data set who have died, all without exposing your employees to protected health information (PHI)

Key Features


De-identified mortality data delivered weekly with site-specific linking tokens


Improves outcomes analysis, prevents billing errors, and prevents identity theft


Created from multiple sources (Social Security Administration and obituary data across the United States) for most complete coverage possible

How it works


Obituary data and the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) contain protected health information (PHI), so merging these sources into healthcare data is a HIPAA violation. UPK aggregates and de-identifies these sources with site-specific tokens before you use it, removing this risk

HIPAA certified

Certified Compliant

UPK Death Index data is de-identified, and contains patient tokens to allow joining of this mortality data to other tokenized data sets without sharing PHI – this de-identification and linking software is certified to be compliant with all HIPAA regulations.

Our HIPAA compliance certification is always available upon request.

If you would like a copy of our certification, please send a request to our Compliance Officer at compliance@universalpatientkey.com

Case Study

A major provider of data analytics for hospitals with a deployment of UPK Core uses the UPK Death Index to flag records referencing patients who have died.  The process flags patients using UPK tokens and never compromises the actual identity of the patient or any other protected health information (PHI).

By incorporating the UPK Death Index, the customer’s repository is not only a reliable source for mortality and morbidity studies, it also facilitates potential fraud detection.

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